Visual perception of space where bodies are woven patterns, images, sounds and words and nothing superfluous in the reflection of reality. A place where you can watch – and see, listen – and hear, or – watch and listen, listen and see – everything is united, more importantly to open his eyes. This time – everything is the same as in previous years, but again in another, and something new, unprecedented. And finally – assembled as a mosaic result of work in the field of visual arts of the Art-Labyrinth – everything that happens with us for a year – dancing, juggling, akroyoga, body theater and fire show as a symbol of rebirth from the ashes of a vanished civilization. In addition – theater performances, poetry readings, acoustic concerts, and of course a complicated movie.




Dear friends! If you make theatre, dance or circus art, or you make cinema, and you want to participate in our summer festival of alternative art and culture Art-Labyrinth – please contact us 069081006 Elena

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