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Слингоношение и правильное ношение на руках деток. Babywearing and properly worn on the hands of children of any age.

Sling – this is your assistant in connection with the formation of the baby. Sling releases mum hand for any business. Sling – a soft and safe Physiology carrying. Sling – a fashion accessory and a tendency to babywearing is gaining momentum, relying on the experience of mothers from around the world!

Слингоношение и правильное ношение на руках деток. Children are not always small. And if you want your children have grown independent, the best thing you can do – is to wear them in infancy. Because the wearing of arms, as well as breastfeeding, is the need of the newborn.

Слингоношение и правильное ношение на руках деток. Do you have a toddler and has broken off his hands?
Do you already have a sling, but does not add up friendly relations with him?
Your child refuses to sit in a sling?
Do you doubt the correctness of landing of a baby in a sling?
Answers to these and many other questions you can get in this MC
And you will learn how to wear a baby even in a shawl, scarf or rushnyk.

Name Wizard: Kosovan Anna

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