Venue: Tea / Time: Mon. 10-00

We all come from childhood … And growing up, it happens that we lose touch with your inner child, forget the needs and the gifts that he is ready to generously share with us.

“I – am” – unconditional precious gift of life. We’ll go inside yourself and see what prevents us to be happy and integrity? Perhaps because children are hidden fears, resentments, generic and social attitudes?

Everyone will be able to ease their burden, to leave the past behind, to forgive and to thank everyone for what was realized the true cause of such an experience. You will be able to return to his real, feel the warmth and love of life, scream at the universe, “I’m alive!”

We will play, dance and rejoice like children, so take comfortable clothes and a rug.

Masters: Taras and Alain (Ukraine)

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