Location: Art Scene / Time: Saturday 15:00

Контактная импровизация с Александрой Сошниковой и Сергеем Головня.Contact Improvisation Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergey Golovnya. A unique opportunity – to touch the mystery of contact improvisation with beautiful and profound teachers. What is contact improvisation? This communication and trust, where a partner becomes even space itself. This ability to plunge into another, while remaining themselves. This dance, and spiritual practice.

Sasha and Sergei Soshnikov Golovnya – teachers and dancers of the highest level, participants of numerous projects, organizers and guests of many dance festivals around the world, the famous choreographers of the dance ensemble “Fantezie”, the speakers in a variety of ways on a variety of platforms – our old good friends, but for the first time at our festival.Контактная импровизация Contact improvizatsiyaEto great happiness that this year the stars are so complicated, and we have the ability to communicate and interact in Space Festival, to learn and create something together with the masters of this level of – human and dance.

Master class: Alexander and Sergei Soshnikov Golovnya

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