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Contemporary – one of the new trends in contemporary dance that combines elements of both western dance (classical dance, modern jazz) and oriental art movement (qigong, yoga, Tai Chi Chuan). And this is the dance that has no definite form of style, because the main thing in it – self-expression.

mk-50-2Contempo contains elements of ballet, but ballet – a form of storytelling, frozen matter and Contempo – find answers to their questions. And so, each person has his own dance. If classical dance – a strict form of expression, in an alternation of Contemporary tense muscles with a sharp discharge, relaxation, sudden stopping, the ups and downs, the work of breathing. A lot of movement going on on the floor. Dancer should not be some kind of a clear scenario, and listen to the voice of the body, which expresses deep emotional experiences. And that is why there are no two identical dances even in the same dancer, even if he is dancing with someone in a pair.

Another distinctive feature of this style is that it is danced barefoot. To capture this style can any. It does not require special training. The main thing – to learn to understand the voice of the body. And you can dance to any music Contempo. mk-50-3 The absence of a framework allows you to fully reveal itself, gives great physical ability and an unforgettable experience. Man begins with great respect and love to treat myself as a person, your body to the world.

Lead dancers, teachers and choreographers with years of experience and a huge

Name: Alexander and Sergei Soshnikov Golovnya

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