Time. cub. 21-00 / Place: Tea

Divination by Tarot
– A bit of history. It went from tarot cards? What cards were
the very first, and who made them? The Church and the Tarot, myths and legends.
– Fundamentals you need for divination. Which card to choose? What have you gotten?
– The values ​​of the cards. How to remember all the values? How to understand that
It means a card in a given situation? The illustrations on the cards.
– Stereotypes. Do not give another card? It is impossible to guess the holidays?
– 5 layouts that want to show and explain. Celtic cross,
Venus in Sagittarius, work and finances, elections and seven-pointed star.
You can bring your card, you can immediately show to
You can also carry a candle to create a special atmosphere on
master class.

Name Wizard: Irina Swallow.

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