Time: Sat 19-00 / Place: Shambhala
image descriptionThe process of drawing from ancient times has deep spiritual meaning. Drawing a person is immersed in his inner world, distraction from everyday problems. Mandalas signed AllatRa – an image that will help to overcome the difficulties and challenges in life, will be stored in the soul peace and love will help a person learn to control your thoughts, improve spiritually and morally. During the master class will be told the secret sign AllatRa its sacred influence on man’s inner world, it will also be told the correct information and return the swastika, a five-pointed star, symbol of oblique cross, Latin cross, and the ankh, the symbol of the snake biting its tail, about that originally it meant and how it distorted later.

Masters: Assorova Maria Elena Zacharias, Renat Zakirov

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