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Dreamcatcher, traditional culture of the tribes, which was strongly developed shamanism and communication with otherworldly spirits.
In the northern American Indian Dream Catcher traditionally made of willow twigs and was a wrap with a tight network within which strictly individually decorated, beads and feathers. The simplest use of the Dreamcatcher was filtering dreams. That is, the catcher missed only good dreams and bad detained in its network.

TnRYxOhHSXo Dreamcatcher helps to remember our dreams and understand themselves within them, and contributes to a better orientation of the dreamer in his world of dreams.

Dreams played an enormous role in the culture of many peoples. They were windows into another world, their characters are trying to solve for many centuries and used for learning about the world. An equally important role to play and dream catchers.
In the Ojibwe tribe, shamans dream catchers made oval-shaped and hung over beds of children, to protect them from evil spirits and nightmares.

Master invites you to a master class of people interested in the world beyond his dreams is not uncommon carrying us important information, often veiled many strange images, secret signs of deep content and meaning. The purpose of this master class is the desire to help people get in touch with a secret and unknown within ourselves through self-study and follow clues of his dreams.

HIoK0P3cuLs also very much like to share skills in the art of making dream catcher made of natural materials: woolen yarn, feathers, wood beads, and no doubt a noble Willow branch … the more natural materials, especially Ward acquire the spirit of nature. Every detail of old wise shaman was given meaning and value, as well as the master will tell.

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