Dear guests and participants of the summer festival Art-Labyrinth!

We are pleased to present you game EcoQuest, the idea which is to change the stereotypes of the ecological approach to the nature, and to mobilize everyone in search for solutions in saving the environment, compliance through the main laws of nature.

The aim of our efforts is to encourage as many people as possible to talk about the laws of nature, that should and can be respected. By us.

We hope that this will be interesting first for the guests of the Art-Labyrinth festival, as well as direct participants.

Beauty will save the world! Therefore, the more people will have direct tangency with Her, will know about environmental problems, the better we can withstand the challenges.

We can offer a fascinating and informative themed game –  Environment and natural laws EcoQuest. The program will be interesting for both children and adults. You are invited on 07.04.2015, 10:00, at ArtLabyrinth festival.

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