Location – Art Scene / Time – Friday 23-55

Art Scene is “Japanese Folk Tales” – “Theatre Raccoon and Cows”

It is difficult to describe exactly what happens on stage. You can call all this experiment. Above the theater, dance, plastic arts, atmosphere, music … the audience. Three ordinary (well, at least in Japan) Japanese tales are combined in a very unusual shape. The rest is to be seen.

Японские народные сказки - Театр Енотов и КоровJapanese Folk Tales – Theater Raccoons and cows can add that has not yet met any disgruntled audience, and they were many. The performance was shown several times in the framework of educational theater at “Theater of the Street of Roses.” I managed to take part in the festival “MOLDFEST.RAMPA.RU” which received high marks both the audience and critics.

“… Out of the competition to show their work schoolgirl Yuri Abramovich Harmelina. Work” Japanese fairy tale “- it is not even modern theater, and its future.” – Wrote the critic of the festival from Munich Aurelia Georgieva. ”

Speck is not just stunning, and the ability to shake the European theatrical stage. Load brilliant! “- A view of permanent theatergoers” From the Rose Street “teacher GUM.

(Subject to change in the schedule ArtStseny)

On the actors (there are):
Xenia Kurenkov – Student 4-year theater department. She teaches stage speech at the City Lyceum Theatre. Playing a huge number of roles in the theater, including the main (Jeanne d’Arc in the play “The White Raven” Snow Queen in the eponymous play).
Alina Unku – a graduate of the Theatre Faculty in 2012. He plays in a lot of plays. It works primarily costume theater “from the streets of Roses”

Directed by:
Maria Palnitskaya – student of Theatre faculty of the course chetёrtogo Slavic University. From childhood dreams of becoming a film director, to his own surprise realized in theater directing – it was found in Chisinau cinema department and had come to the theater specialization. It went not bad, putting a freshman rock fairy tale “On Fox Patrikeevna” I managed to surprise all spectators of the play written specifically for music, quality scenery, good work with the actors. The third is made aware of a play by the famous French film director Jean Cocteau’s “The Human Voice”, which entered the repertoire GMDT “From the Rose Street” (which says a lot – the last student performance entered the repertoire of more than ten years ago). Chetёrty course brought to the treasury of good works and even “Japanese Folk Tales”

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