Remember, as a kid you gazed at the starry sky and dreaming
touch the mysteries of the universe? Forget about the present, stop,
back mentally at that time and decide to continue this way. We
We invite everyone to a series of lectures on astronomy, which
We prepared especially for the festival guests. You learn a lot about
Empire of the Sun, learn the constellations of the night sky, visit the depths
vast cosmos and get a lot of pleasure from communicating with people,
whose world is not limited to only one planet.
If you’re worried about what your kids are a bit small and the data topics
will be difficult for them to understand, we have a separate lecture for young
Researchers! We will travel without fleeing away from home –
within the solar system.

Lecture for children – “How large the world?”
Lecture for adults – “Distances in the solar system.”
And at night – Excursion to the starry sky with a laser and telescope!

Time and place to learn the lecture information center.
Name of lecturer: Sergey Ivanovich

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