Location: Shambala
Practical application. Name: Spartak / Time: Friday 18:00
Practice and Mr. Shambhala. Name: Elena Zolotarev / Time: Friday 20:00

  • The world of the dead.
  • Secrets and mystery of blood donation.
  • Esoteric homosexuality.
  • The reverse side of Tibet.
  • Psychosphere country and the planet.
  • Generic bioenergy.
  • Hallucinations sexual vampirism.
  • Gold aharata.
  • Spartak is holding meetings parapsychologist.
  • Saguna (Qigong). Practice geomagnetism and conductivity.
  • Connection Space and land- dark and light forces. Practice and Astarte Kibelly.
  • The practice of creating the possibility of permission from the situation.
  • TsARChA.Chakra “Lord of the World” .Garmonizatsiya left and right hemispheres
  • Ancient spiritual practice of “Golden Lotus”.
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