Art Scene Presents: Alexander and Sergei Soshnikov Golovnya in performance, “See, not to see”

71Improvisational Performance “see – not to see” live music
… Dance expands the boundaries of interaction with the viewer, inviting him to the feelings and emotions to be part of the action. Moments that can not be repeated “tomorrow” or “yesterday”, they are possible only when the “now.”
Alexandra Sosnicova, Serghei Golovnea, (Moldova)
Musical performances – Stan Potoku (Ukraina)
Place-art scene
Time – Saturday evening (evening performances)

Cooperation A. and C. Soshnikova Golovnya began in 1997, a modern dance group “Voices”, under the direction of choreographer Angela Dony.
Each of them is a professional dancer, choreographer, performer and teacher of modern dance techniques and improvisation classes.
As a duet work since 2000. At the dance, improvise, teach, choreograph, participate in international projects and plays, travel and organize international projects in Moldova and festivals.

748Mezhdunarodnyh festivals organized in Moldova: “The impulse to development” in 2000, “Tradition and Modernity” in 2001, “The phenomenon of relations” and “Gender and cultural Identity in dance”, in April and September, 2003, 2006 – 5th International Festival “Interaction” in September, September 2009 – “Children and adults, the point of intersection,” “Contact us, and not just” 2011 “in focus – Dance”, 2012 “Contact Improvisation and Tango” in 2013.
Geography teaching: Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria, Romania, Israel, Estonia, Russia, Latvia, North. Ireland, France.

Equally with interest they work with professionals and amateurs, children and adults who work with drama theaters, video operators, musicians, singers, artists.
In Moldova, also under their supervision are organized weekly jams permanent Contact Improvisation, constant series of master classes and evening of modern choreography.
They’re leaders and choreographers – school and modern folk dance “Fantezia”, ​​Kishinev, Moldova. Choreographers and dancers group of contemporary dance and performance “Voices”.

To let the music into your life in the womb, when listening to the heartbeat of the mother at a rate of 7/8, and her breath in B flat. Since then, gradually I began to acquire the ability to reproduce the sounds of a harmonious world of humans in space. At the moment, I play the guitar, jew’s harp, djembe, udu, flute and bansuri hottiku, tylynkah, fujara, goat, sometimes do massage on the piano forte. When there is a pause in the conversation, I start to sing. Sometimes it is akin to Sufi Zikr, the Indian ragam, songs or melodies of South American Indians Eleusinian mysteries. My sincere desire to invite you to live in a state of joyous stream and help you to discover all the richness of your spontaneous creative nature.

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