Masks and puppets: let's play!

Time: Friday 13-00 Location: TeaHose We are going to create masks and puppets with recycled materials as well as papier machee, then we will play and built a small performance Read More

Japanese tea ceremony

Sunday at 12:00 in the tea The Japanese tea ceremony is a mini-spectacle, which is generally considered as a form of spiritual practice in which every detail, every object, every Read More

Major repairs peace

Time: Saturday 18-00 / Place: Tea Many people have long wanted to qualitatively change their lives, but in spite of this significant change occurs. Visit more and more seminars, read dozens Read More

Center Ascension Consciousness

Time: Friday 9:00 Saturday 9:00 Sunday 10.00 / Place: Wigwam Co-creation with the One Family of Light in cleansing, healing, and transformation of the harmonization of all the bodies and aspects Read More


Time: Friday, 20-00 / Place: Meditative scene MANDALA Dance is a very simple beautiful and sensual connection with your practice of the feminine. This profound work with energy and body cleansing, Read More

STEAM Yoga (yoga with a partner)

Time: Saturday 18-00 / Place: Wigwam Steam yoga (yoga with a partner, "lazy yoga") - a kind of yoga practice, when exercises are performed with the help of a partner and as Read More

Yoga for Beginners, rehabilitation of the spine

Time: Sunday 8-00 / Place: Shambhala Master: Nagina Read More

Mystical Melodies

Time: Sat 13-00 / Place: Shambhala Each man hid a treasure trove of unique spirit. Everyone is capable of discover a palette of creative possibilities and shining colors. One of such Read More


Time: Sat. 15-00 / Place: Tea The main basic elements of crochet, the ability to read the schema. The practice of knitting a variety of patterns suitable for clothing, as well Read More


Location: Art Scene / Time: Sunday 11-00 Contemporary - one of the new trends in contemporary dance that combines elements of both western dance (classical dance, modern jazz) and oriental art movement Read More

EcoQuest - The Nature Laws

Dear guests and participants of the summer festival Art-Labyrinth! We are pleased to present you game EcoQuest, the idea which is to change the stereotypes of the ecological approach to Read More

Henna mehndi

Time: Sat 15-00 / Location: Children's Playground Mehndi - the art of painting is the perfect body with henna patterns, whose history goes back many centuries. From ancient times, people decorated their Read More

Meditation on the books of the New Anastasia

Time: Sat 20-00 / Place: Shambhala -Meditatsiya The attention and energy management Qi -Meditatsiya "Jug" -Meditatsiya "Lotus" -Meditatsiya "Love and Gratitude" Masters: Assorova Maria Elena Zacharias, Renat Zakirov Read More

Drawing mandalas monochrome signed AllatRa

Time: Sat 19-00 / Place: Shambhala The process of drawing from ancient times has deep spiritual meaning. Drawing a person is immersed in his inner world, distraction from everyday problems. Mandalas Read More

Weave Shamballa bracelets

Time: Friday 12-00 / Place: Tea Bracelet Shambala has ancient roots and their history. The first mention of these bracelets were still in the ancient books of Tibetan monks: they believed Read More

Vedic (Indian) astrology

The first lecture: 1. Our body - the projection of the universe 2. Human destiny. The impact of planets on destiny. 3. Energies and planets 4. Saturn – Saturday, carrying a heavy Read More

Fundamentals of Ayurveda, Marma Vidya and pulse diagnosis

Location for: Shambhala / Time: Sat. 9.00 "Ayurveda- is a science which determines the useful and useless, happy and miserable state of life. She explains that is using and what is Read More

Lectures on astronomy

Remember, as a kid you gazed at the starry sky and dreaming touch the mysteries of the universe? Forget about the present, stop, back mentally at that time and decide Read More

Bagpipes - what they eat ..

Location for: Master degree / Time: Saturday 15:00 Bagpipes - what they eat. with their hands improvised do bagpipes. Manufacture of medieval bagpipe "aulos" ... At itself desirable: 1.kantselyarsky knife stationery 2.maly Scotch Read More

Weave mandala

Location: TeaHouse / Time: Friday 16-00. Native American homeland Mandal Central and South America. They wove the Huichol Indians. Other names Indian Mandala - Ojo de Dio - "Eye of God", and the Read More

Working with leather

Time: Saturday, 10-00 / Place: master degree Master Class - a representation of different kinds of woven leather bracelets and simple patterns with the participants the opportunity to try their own weave. Read More

Lord of Dreams

Ora: Vineri 20.00 / loc de ceai V-ați întrebat vreodată de ce visezi anumite vise? Cu siguranță nu doar în căutarea pentru decodarea diferite cărți de vis. Cu toate acestea, visul-cărțile Read More

Yoga Smile 🙂

Time: Sat. 9-00 / Place: Meditative scene Yoga Smile:) ... She laughter yoga, chi-chi yoga and a little hasya -yoga Do not believe the gods who do not dance 🙂 and yogis who Read More

Parapsychology around us

Location: Shambala Practical application. Name: Spartak / Time: Friday 18:00 Practice and Mr. Shambhala. Name: Elena Zolotarev / Time: Friday 20:00 The world of the dead. Secrets and mystery of blood donation. Read More

African dance

Location: Art Scene / Time: to Info Center African dances Africa - is the power of the Earth. Ancient humanity dance, opening the flow of pulsating energy - rhythm and plastic, communication and Read More


Location: Welcome-center / Time: Friday 18-00 Rainstick (Staff rain) - ancient exotic percussion instruments native to Chile and Peru, which has been used to invoke rain. The duration of the master class Read More

Contact Improvisation

Location: Art Scene / Time: Saturday 15:00 Contact Improvisation Alexandra Soshnikova and Sergey Golovnya. A unique opportunity - to touch the mystery of contact improvisation with beautiful and profound teachers. What is Read More

Henna and Body Dzhagua

Location: Tea / Time: Mon. 12-00 The charm and originality make henna curlicue see These magic line - not just decoration, but also a symbol, and rituals and mascot. This sophisticated method Read More

Ayurvedic Yoga Massage

Time: FAC. 10-00 / Place: Shambhala Stimulating massage, based on the ancient Indian system of Ayurveda and Yoga. This unique system combines work with the body a deep massage with consistent Read More

The brain, as you can eat, or a good excuse for sweet lovers

Location: Tea / Time: fri. 19-00 The lecture will be devoted to lovers of sweets. In it, we look at the sweet tooth on all sides and talk about sacred rite Read More

Acrobatic Yoga

Acrobatic Yoga - the practice of carrying steam that develops a sense of trust, helping to find a balance within ourselves and outside in pairs and in all forms, developing stability Read More

Earthships basics: some thoughts

Place: Vigvam / Time: saturday 13-00 Economic gain from consumption, material and energy waste will not last. Cheap energy reserves from the past cannot sustain our exponential growth. The more we Read More


Location: Welcome Centre / Time: Saturday 10:00 Macrame - this kind of needlework, based on weaving knots. It is believed that the art of weaving knots comes from China and Japan, but Read More

Present was the male and female worlds

Place: TeaHouse / Time: Sat. 9-00 Inside each of us is a part of the male and female. Very often, they are in conflict, resulting in the external relations. We invite Read More

Children and parents

Venue: Tea / Time: Mon. 10-00 We all come from childhood ... And growing up, it happens that we lose touch with your inner child, forget the needs and the gifts that Read More

Painting on ceramics, glass and stones

Venue: Master degree / Time: Mon. 16:00 Since ancient times, people used the painting to decorate your life and life in general. You will learn the basics of painting, different kinds Read More


Time: Friday and Saturday 15:00 / Place: a quiet place or Tipi There will a talking stick round, to find out, from what points of live peopel are coming, and what Read More

Painting for children

Time: Fri. 15:00 / Venue: Playground Painting for deteyMaster offers to join the creative master class. Will given paints, brushes and paper. Along with wanting to be a master paint the Read More


Time: sun. 11:00 Rock climbing - a wonderful, thermophilic, it is a safe sport. In the area of the festival along the Dniester River, which flows in a narrow and deep Read More

Popular hand-made ornaments

Place: House of tea / Time: Saturday, 17:00 The ornaments are a popular form of relationship with our ancestors. The master class will familiarize us with more specific reasons Moldovan, and Read More

Lecture "The essence of Yoga"

Time: Sat. 15:00 / Venue: Shambhala Yoga - the doctrine of the soul and the body. It is not for a limited circle of initiates. Do yoga does not have to be Read More

Morning complex Sukshma Vyam

Time: Sat., Sun.. 7:00 / Place: Tipi A unique set of warm-up to prepare you for the day energy and positive. A unique set of warm-up to prepare you for the Read More

Is there any incompatibility?

Time: Sat. 12:00 / Venue: Shambhala 1) Compatibility of the elements. 2) The zodiacal circle as universal cycle. 3) The relationship of adjacent characters. 4) The relationship through the sign. 5) Read More

Venus - the planet of love

Time: Fri. 14:00 / Venue: Shambhala 1) Venus in astronomy. 2) Astrological portrait of Venus. 3) Love the signs of the zodiac. 4) The Practice Lectures read: The Astrological Studies Center Read More


Time: Sat. 14:00 / Venue: Art Scene Training for the development of hearing directly, singing breath connection between the cords and the ear, removing voice clips. Name Wizard: Elena Galkina Bard Read More

Universal information

Time: Fri. 12:00 / Venue: Shambhala The state of the human soul, come all: health, ability, destiny. In every soul in this world the same laws of life. As with any Read More

Raw food diet

Location: Tea / Time: FAC. 14-00 Why do I need a raw food diet and what it is Safe switching to a raw food diet Efficient raw food in a modern Read More

Rebёfing- Free Breathing

Location: Shambhala / Time: Sat., Su. 11-00 I love breathing. It allows you to feel the body home and teaches live comfortably in it. It is gentle and loving, it is Read More

Integrative technology

Location: Shambhala / Time: Friday, Saturday 9-00 Integrative technology psychosomatic self-regulation "East West" The elements of the techniques of psychosomatic regulation of "Juno Qigong" (the founder of the system master Sue Read More


Time: Sat. 16-00 / Location: tea Babywearing and properly worn on the hands of children of any age. Babywearing. Sling - this is your assistant in connection with the formation of the Read More

Tai Chi Chuan Yang style 24 form

Time: Fri Sat Sun 9-00 / place: Tipi Tai Chi (Chi) chuan - literally, "Fist of the Great Limit"; Chinese internal martial arts, as well as the popular wellness Gymnastics. 24 forms Read More

Juggling and contact juggling.

Sun 13:00   Juggling - kind of circus art. Simultaneous skillful manipulation of multiple objects such as balls, poi, sticks. Contact juggling In contact juggling balls rolled over the body. Most Read More

School of Fire: Veera

Sat, - 16-00 ,Sun 12:00 Instructor - Keito Karasu  Read More

School of Fire

Sat, Sun 10:00 Instructor: Katya Litvinovna Read More

Dream Catcher. Making the night warding

Time. Fri. 17-00 / Location: About Tea Dreamcatcher, traditional culture of the tribes, which was strongly developed shamanism and communication with otherworldly spirits. In the northern American Indian Dream Catcher traditionally Read More

Divination by Tarot

Time. cub. 21-00 / Place: Tea Divination by Tarot - A bit of history. It went from tarot cards? What cards were the very first, and who made them? The Church and Read More


Time. sat. 14-00 Illusionism is the art of attention manipulation. When you concentrate your attention on something, your concentrate the entire energy of your body. When you learn a magic Read More

!!! Manufacturing flutes !!!

Время проведения: 10-00 суббота / Место проведения: Арт-Сцена В рамках фестиваля будет проведен практический мастер класс по изготовлению флейт. (shakuhachi и bansuri ) Каждый желающий сможет сделать для себя флейту для медитаций Read More


Time. sat. 11-00 / Place: TeaHouse Go - the most difficult and the last "humane" game on the planet! game images and associations, a game that is not subject to a supercomputer! Read More

Classic jugglery as a form of dynamic meditation

Venue: Art Scene / Time: Friday, Saturday 13-00 Juggling - a very fun and useful exercise, it is not only develops dexterity and endurance, but also a very positive effect the nervous Read More

Knife fight. Throwing knives.

On the master, you will have the opportunity to learn how to throw knives. Time and place for MK MK learn tai chi and qigong or info-center. Master Ilya Read More


The art of beautiful writing. Time and place for MK MK learn tai chi and qigong or info-center. Master Ilya Read More

6 Healing Sounds Qigong, Tai Chi.

Combat application. Time: Friday, Saturday and Sunday beginning at 7-00 / Place: Tipi Basic complexes Tai Chi and Qigong displays in their movements concept formation of the universe, the birth of Read More

Playing the didgeridoo and the jew's harp

Time: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-00 / Venue: Wigwam You freeze up when you hear these sounds ... you do not care where you are be able to play on it ... you Read More

Disclosure of natural voice.

Friday 13-00 Singing of vowels "A, E, I, O, U" and "NG", with an explanation of what sound is responsible for what that harmonizes, helped. At the end of MK Read More


Author style for many years practiced a variety of martial arts and has come to the conclusion that the time anatomy everyone is the same, therefore there is the most Read More

Classical Hatha Yoga style vinyasa free flow

Время проведения МК: пятн 17-00 - 18-00 асаны; 18-00 - 19-00 пранаямы (дыхательные практики йоги). суб. 07-30 пранаямы, 08-30 асаны и 17-00 - 18-00 асаны; 18-00 - 19-00 пранаямы. воскр. 07-30 пранаямы, 08-30 асаны Read More
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For the seventh consecutive year, the summer festival “Art Labyrinth” gives an excellent opportunity to take part in various master classes. Here everyone can find a workshop of the soul, some of which we can truly call as unique ones. You can also gain invaluable skills during active and creative crafts and master classes. Or, if you wish, calm down, exhale, close your eyes and be in touch with nature during spiritual practice under the guidance of a knowledgeable master. Active and creative workshops:

  • School of the ancient instruments
  • Vargan playing
  • school of Fire
  • Contact juggling
  • African dance
  • Irish / historical dance
  • Tribal dance
  • Fluting

Cognitive- thinking workshops:

  • Targeting
  • Conscious parenting
  • Childbirth
  • Disclosure of natural voice
  • Firewalking and extreme psychotechnics
  • Course of survival in extreme situations
  • Masala

Applied Arts and Crafts:

  • Making ethnic musical instruments
  • Forging for beginners
  • Ceramics
  • Manual processing of amber
  • Carving
  • Manufacture of footwear, leather
  • Making of dolls
  • Henna painting on the body
  • Making of dreamcatchers
  • Macrame – textil making


  • Hatha Yoga
  • Acrobatic yoga
  • Tai Chi Chuan
  • Sufi meditation
  • Morning Meditation
  • game GO
  • ceremony of drinking yerba mate

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