Big tent
The place for spiritual practices and meditation.
It is a very large round tent, mounted on four five-meter pillars. At the top of the poles there is fixed a metal ring with a diameter of about one meter from which in the eight-way are comming down tightly stretched strong ropes. To them is mounted in a certain way a cross-linked dense tissue, which at a distance of 2 meters from the land descends vertically to the ground. This part of the fabric is the tent´s wall, and, if necessary, can be raised (in the case of heat, or a large number of people). The top of the tent is made in the form of a small pagoda and is separately attached to the bearing ring. The entrance is made in Chinese tradition, is attached to two poles decorated in the form of spears. Due to the height of pagoda inside the tent, it is possible to make the fireplace and light the fire, which has its own symbolics.

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