To let the music into your life in the womb, when listening to the heartbeat of the mother at a rate of 7/8, and her breath in B flat. Since then, gradually I began to acquire the ability to reproduce the sounds of a harmonious world of humans in space. At the moment, I play the guitar, jew’s harp, djembe, udu, flute and bansuri hottiku, tylynkah, fujara, goat, sometimes do massage on the piano forte. And the magic Hang, sometimes I can not tell, I’m on it or naoborot.Kogda happens pause in the conversation begin to sing. Sometimes it is akin to Sufi Zikr, the Indian ragam, songs or melodies of South American Indians Eleusinian mysteries. My sincere desire to invite you to live in a state of joyous stream and help you to discover all the richness of your spontaneous creative nature.

Music that can be heard this evening as a reflection of a single pure consciousness. Enfolding us, being a spontaneous flow of creativity it is designed to return our attention once again to the essence of the life.

This evening it will flow through the strings of a guitar motifs of Indian ragas and Sufi Zikr. Burle modulations jew’s harp. Dripping rain on the clay African hook. Breathe blown flutes of the world and the light of a live voice.

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