SWEET MAMA JAMMA`S MOJO JUICE: take the tents and caremates, we are going to the ART-LAB 2015!

The micro-community of free artists SWEET MAMA JAMMA`S MOJO JUICE is the guest at each annual festival of youth culture Art Labyrinth. At present, 2015, the adventure of the summer starts in the village of Socola, Sholdenesht district, 130 km north of Chisinau.

Here, from 3 to 5 July, we praise together the holiday of youth, love, strength, beauty, gods Shiva and Jha, eternal vibration, in short, we will celebrate the LIFE. Officially, our performance on the main stage is scheduled for Friday (July 3), at about 10 p.m. However, we will act and sound in a variety of formats and concepts for all three days of the festival (including the music for the theater scenes, jam sessions etc.).

At this time, we have prepared a mega-drive charge of the program, well, part of our mini-orchestra is:

  • Alexander Ionel – drums, back
  • Oleg Rusu – guitar
  • Rita Moscalets – violin
  • Toll Safronov – percussion
  • Sergei Korotya – vocals, bass

See you on the main stage on Friday, July 3!

Everybody going at the Art Labyrinth 2015!

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