Art Scene Presents: The play “The failure of the Times” on the play by Kobo Abe. (Theatre Raccoons and cows)

In the eighth year the festival “Art-Labyrinth”, on Friday, July third, after sunset, we will show the premiere one-man show “The failure of the Times,” based on the play of the outstanding Japanese writer Kobo Abe.

“The failure of the Time” – a play about the difficult choice of a boxer who has devoted a lifetime ring. A strict diet, grueling workouts, constant fights. Beat five to climb one spot in the standings. Being beaten and come down. “It’s disgusting … One thresh another, only to climb higher … Why life is such? ..” – Reflects the protagonist. For what he’s doing and is it worth it …
Starring Alina Unku.
Directed by Maria Palnitskaya.

Art Scene, Friday 21-30

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