Art Scene Presents: Theater of fire and light action “Laur Balaur,” (Bender, Transnistria) with the production of “Tame the dragon”
61This year will feature ArtStsene just four Tatra Fire with theatrical productions – two in Chisinau, one of the Transnistria, and guests of the city! Real magic, fascinating action on Saturday night … Introducing the first of them –

The theater of fire and light action “Laur Balaur” was born in 2013 in the city of Bendery, the Republic of Transnistria. Despite such a young age, behind the participants of the collective performances in major venues in the city and national events. The main activity of the theater is staging a fire, light and pyrotechnic show striking a balance between technology and drama. Currently, the active part of the theater includes: Cyril Sarsak Konstantin Abramov, Takhmina Usmanov, Igor Esanu Oleg Esanu.

62Tame the Dragon
Human life is an endless struggle – the circumstances around the world, with each other, and most importantly with yourself. Having won the battle with their own demons, the man ends up the winner of the war. Internal wars, the invisible, but as destructive as any other war. But in an attempt to defeat the dragon force so easy to turn into a dragon. The strength or love – that will not turn, but to train your dragon?

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