Art scene Saturday night (The evening performance)

Art Scene Presents: performance-installation “Threads of Life” from the theater PROdvizhenie body.

Art object or performance art? Each person in the course of its existence, leaving behind a trail of invisible thread. This thread twist around all the space sometimes creating unique intertwining lives and destinies. Can we guess the meaning of these patterns, and feel the living energy flows in the space surrounding us?

The creator of the project “Threads of Life” Timur Schneider and head of the studio of plastic improvisation “Pro Motion” Mary assured that we are capable of even more. For this purpose, it is enough just to be a ….

Each of us can take part in a unique project PERFORMANSE- “Threads of Life” for the creation of virtual-energy space around himself, with the help of the decor, a special installation. Regardless of our age, gender, skin color or other affiliation, we all speak the same language, and that the result will be expressed in the finished art object.

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