Art Scene Presents: Tribal from the collective “Yalan” (Rybnitsa)

dance group – “Yalan” engaged in tribal style for about three years – in the style of ATS and tribal fusion. Together with its group member -Head Litvinova Julia has participated in many international events in tribal Sevastopol (Tribal Culture Festival), Chisinau, Tiraspol (Summer style tribal).

The first dance will be tribal – fusion with skirts. Proud posture Spanish flamenco, ancient Indian mystic dance dynamic hip and plastic oriental hand, the combination of elements from modern dance – all this Tribal

The second dance – American tribal style (ATS) – PBX – is a demonstration of femininity, strength and beauty dancers. This combination of dance traditions of India, Central Asia, Middle East, North Africa and Spain. Its indispensable attributes – dignified posture in folklore energetic movements, layered costumes, exotic jewelry.
However, the most intriguing part of this dance is hidden from the eyes of mere spectators. American tribal style – it is a group improvisation. This means that each performance is unique ATS: the dance born on the stage.

Art Scene, Saturday night (The evening performance)

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