mk-46-3The first lecture:
1. Our body – the projection of the universe
2. Human destiny. The impact of planets on destiny.
3. Energies and planets
4. Saturn – Saturday, carrying a heavy karma. Philosophical understanding of the power of Shani (Saturn)
5. Upay – methods of harmonization the negative impact of Shani (Saturn). Practice.

Time: Saturday 18-00 / Place: Shambhala

mk-46-2The second lecture:
1. Destiny – is given from above, or we are destiny’s makers and creators?
2. The Sun – is it our selfishness or is the shining of the divine in a human?
3. Sun – ätmakäraka soul. Index of a person’s development level and state of mind.
4. Guna in astrology.
5. Upay – Methods of activation the beneficial effects of solar energy. (Practice)

Time: Sunday 12.00 / Place: Shambhala

Lecture by Alexandra Ciuhrai, head of Amrita-yoga Center

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