Time: Sat. 9-00 / Place: Meditative scene

Yoga Smile:) … She laughter yoga, chi-chi yoga and a little hasya -yoga

Do not believe the gods who do not dance :) and yogis who do not smile (Kote :))
Slightly ulybasany, smehasany and chi-ha-ha-asana …
What? No such exercises in the classical yoga? Oh, rzhu can not … :) And
now it has, or rather has always been, we just forgot about them, and now
remember that smile, laugh, love is the language of the universe …
No? Well someone what universe we live in a universe of laughter, joy and
love, and you?
And Laughter Yoga includes techniques to stimulate laughter, laughter, and pranayama
asanas, which give rise to a natural laugh.
Laughter Yoga does not require physical fitness. Laugh can
everyone … if it is the laughter of the universe, like the air … like children … it is necessary to
Only allow yourself … but it’s not easy …
Laughter quickly relieves tension in the body, charges the positive emotions,
It helps to develop creativity, to be open and happy …
Laughter is associated with both the body and the mind. Adults over the years from laughing
mind. The children laugh “from the body.” It was so clean, free laughter we
That’s what we’ll talk the language of the universe in the 1st part of the master class.
And the second part is – CREATIVE YOGA
In the meantime, smile, gentlemen, laugh and smile :) from the depths of the soul
so that not only the whole body shook with laughter, but the entire universe
upisivalas Smiley «smile» joy … I’m so over the universe
in dushe..Smaylik «smile» And you?

Name: Sergey Sichkorez

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